Water Source – Important for Garden

Other factors

The factors mentioned above are important, but in no way are the factors mentioned in this chapter any less important. These factors include certain areas that the chapters above did not cover.

Watering your plants is so important, especially when it comes to square foot gardening. This will add some moisture to the soil and the soil won’t dry up as fast either. You need to water your square foot garden every day so that it isn’t affected by the weather conditions in the summer.

No matter what happens, do not use chemical insecticides and pesticides because these will destroy everything. Some pests harm your plants, but there are those that your soil actually needs. For example, worms aerate the soil by churning it as they move through the soil. If you would like to grow flowers in such a garden you would benefit from ‘visitors’ such as bees, which carry pollen grains on their bodies. Chemical insecticides and pesticides wipe out everything and it also negatively affect your soil. It’s better to pick harmful pests with your hands but be sure to wear rubber gloves when doing so.

Apart from this, additives are necessary as well and you need to stock up on these. Different plants need different nutrients in various amounts, so you need to be aware of the content of certain nutrients in the soil. Get your soil tested every now and then so that you can keep a track of any changes in certain nutrients that can be found in the soil. If the soil is lacking something, throw in some additives. That way you are providing your plants with everything they need to grow.

The pH level of the soil is another factor that you need to consider. If you are someone living in a European country, chances are that your household is being supplied with ‘hard’ water. Hard water is acidic. You can get someone to test the pH value of your soil with a pH indicator, but another thing you could do is to see if your soap lathers. If your house is provided with hard water it will not lather, but if it does it is a sign that the pH value of the water is towards the higher side. There are ways to change this.

For example, if you would like to grow crops that prefer acidic soils, you can add some vinegar to your soil to lower the pH value of the soil. On the other hand, some plants thrive in soils that are more alkaline. If you would like to increase the pH value of the soil you can use baking soda. Generally, it’s a good idea to play with the pH value. So, if your soil is alkaline, bringing the pH value down to 7 and then increasing it every now and then would be a good idea. Likewise, if your soil is acidic, lower the pH value and then, bring it back up to 7-7.5 every few weeks.

These are some other factors that you need to consider when it comes to square foot gardening.

By now you should know that while square foot gardening has several advantages to it, such a garden would require great care and attention. If you are someone who can provide it with such care, then, and only then, try square foot gardening.

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