Pallets of the Garden

Pallets of the Garden

One of the best outside furnishings to overlook your garden is that of the porch swing. These things are a lot of fun, nothing relaxes me more than to sway back and forth in a porch swing on a summers day and watch my garden grow. These swings are not as hard to construct as you might think either. To get started all you have to do is take a normal sized pallet and cut it in half lengthwise. With the pallet then in two pieces, place them in a couch type assembly with one pallet half standing up on the other. And then once the assembly is in place drill holes through the backing of the swing, to the seat, drilling four holes, making sure that they are evenly spaced, and after this take some screws and screw these two pallet halves together.

Now after this take some steel hooks and attach them to the chair backing  of the porch swing. And then take some additional hooks and attach them to the ceiling of your porch (or whatever area you place the swing), it is important to make sure it is firmly attached, so triple check the strength of the hooks. After this is done, you can take either nylon or a light chain to thread through the ceiling hooks and chair hooks. Once you have done all of this you will have a rocking porch swing just like the one pictured below!

Another good one in our Garden Series is that of the “Arch Framed Garden”. The Arch Frame just like the name implies is composed of two standard pallets that are put together in an arch formation. These arches will serve as the awning over your garden. As the picture below demonstrates, reinforce this arch with a couple of slats of wood and then once structure is complete put down a square of soil and plant your seeds! As you can see in the picture below we opted to reinforce are garden structure with cinderblocks, this makes for a great stabilizing feature for the garden, but feel free to use whatever stabilizing structure you wish for the outskirts of this garden masterpiece!

Now that we have some comfortable furniture to view our garden from, for the next pallet project we are going to go straight to the garden itself. This one is so easy all you have to do is throw a standard sized project in your yard and your halfway done. Because the standard pallet by itself laying flat on its back in your yard turns out to be the best garden bed you could ever ask for.

This pallet makes for the perfect garden box, with the pallet boards themselves working as perfect demarcations for all of your different plants and vegetables. Just put in your soil and use each row of pallet for a different plant and as shown in the picture below you have a really good and clearly defined Garden box!

Another great way to showcase a Garden in your yard that is a bit more dynamic but just as easy nonetheless is that of the three walled pallet garden. With this project, simply take one pallet and cut it into three sections, these are the three walls.. Take these three walls and stand them up, these are the walls of your garden, here you can start throwing down your soil and planting your best seeds to grow your garden.

Another great pallet garden trick is to create what I call a “corner pallet garden”. This one is incredibly easy to do as well. Just take two standard sized pallets and stand them up on end and put them in the corner at an angle, perfectly covering the corner of your porch and then load all the pallet slots up with your favorite plants and vegetables. Sort of a combination between a hanging garden and a standing garden, this is a highly effective method for a gardening platform and also very beautiful! We usually tend to spruce ours up with either some wood varnish or a good paint job as pictured below. And like with all other pallet projects be sure to sand down any jagged edges and remove any extra nails!

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