How to make Toys and Bird Feeder

Project Woodworking: Make Toys

Toy projects made from wood are fun to do as they require some creativity. Once you are done, not only the kids will enjoy playing with them. You too can have fun with your toy creations. Among the more popular wooden toys that you can create are cars, boats, and airplanes.

The first step is to decide on which particular toy to create. You can find a lot of patterns to use online. You can even buy kits from specialty toy shops that have all the materials pre-cut, and all you have to do is to assemble everything. However, some people find it boring as it does not require you to use some creativity.

If you do not want to go the “buy and assemble route,” then create your own pattern from cardboard or paper. Then, trace the pattern on the wood and use a router or jigsaw to cut it out. Assemble your toy using some tack nails and glue.

Project: Bird Feeder or Birdhouse

A lot of adults today have, at one time or another, experienced building birdhouses as kids, however simple they may be. To build a birdhouse, you will need two pieces of wood to use as base. Drill a small hole in each of the corners of the wood where you can insert an eye hook. Do it for both of the base pieces.

Using a wire, chain, or any type of durable material, connects the top to the bottom peace, making sure that you leave the same distance for all of the corners. Then use another eye hook to attach the bottom to the top piece directly at the center.

Attach and end to the hook at the top part of the feeder or birdhouse using a wire or string, and tie the opposite end to a sturdy tree branch. Place the bird feed at the lower piece of the finished product and watch how your airborne friends swoop down to acknowledge your warm welcome.

One of the many variations for this project is to use a pattern for an actual house. Use a table saw or jigsaw to fashion out the bottom, roof, and sides of the house. You can use a router to carve out a hole that will be big enough for the birds to use to enter and exit. You can also place a long wooden dowel where the birds can perch on while enjoying their feed. You can top everything off by painting the birdhouse or putting some creative finishing touches. This will make the finished product attractive not only for the birds but for people who will see it as well.

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